Quinoa Crab Cakes

Quinoa Crab Cakes - a guest post on @RachelCooks! (also #glutenfree!)Before we dive into today’s post (which I know you’re going to love), I wanted to clear the air.

A few weeks ago I shared a post and it received the most negative comments I have ever had on this site. It was the first time that I’ve actually felt a backlash for sharing my content. Not only was it surprising, but honestly it was also hurtful.

Now I’m not saying that I need you to sing my praises after every recipe or post that I share – I would never want or expect that from you. But that doesn’t mean that when I get negative or mean spirited comments that it doesn’t eat at me or hurt me. I work really hard to develop recipes you will enjoy and that will make your life easier, healthier and happier. That’s the whole reason I’m here doing what I do.

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Easter Egg Salad with Quinoa

Easter Egg Salad, the perfect way to use up all those easter eggs!

I have to admit, I think in my whole 26 years of living, I’ve only dyed easter eggs a few times. It just wasn’t something that we did as kids – instead we had Easter egg hunts outside or would have to follow the trail of jelly beans for what felt like miles before we actually found our baskets.

As I’ve gotten older, Easter has become less about the candy and fun goodies and more about the food. Now, whenever we come together as a family for Easter, my mom is all about serving a gourmet meal.

Today for example, we’re having a grilled butterflied leg of lamb, grilled asparagus, roasted chili mashed sweet potatoes and a warm spinach salad. It’s become yet another holiday where we get to cook something special. Something a little fancy, even.

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12 Quinoa Breakfast Recipes for Easter

12 super easy quinoa breakfast recipes, perfect for Easter brunch!

In our house, Easter brunch is kind of tradition. We all chip in and make our favorite thing, so we end up having a ginormous table filled with fantastic breakfast items. And while I know that brunch tends to mean a blend of breakfast and lunch, in my family, we always go the breakfast route. Always.

So today, I’m pulling together my twelve favorite quinoa breakfast recipes that are completely brunch worthy. And I totally wish that I could be eating every single one of these recipes right now. Maybe not all at once, but I would completely content with one of each of these on my plate. It would be the most spectacular brunch ever.

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Nourishing Quinoa Bowl

Nourishing Quinoa Bowl and some thoughts on yo-yo dieting and clean eating!I wouldn’t call myself a yo-yo dieter, but I definitely get on kicks where I choose to severely cut back on what I eat to get my body back on track. I’m not saying cut back in the amount of food I eat, it’s more about the types of food that I allow myself to eat.

I’ve told you about my two 21-day cleanses, my paleo challenge (which lasted less than a week), and my sugar detox. But scattered in between those have been other forms of “diets”  that I’ve tested out.

You see, like most normal people, I have my vices. I love chocolate. I love tortilla chips. I love popcorn. I basically love anything carby and sweet. Go figure, right?

But those foods can throw me out of whack, make me feel like I’m blowing up like a balloon, and gain weight. And that’s never fun, for anyone. I know that when my jeans start getting tighter and pinch my waist in an uncomfortable way, that it’s time to reel it back in and get back on track.

The problem is…the changes that I make in my diet are always quite drastic and aren’t something I can actually stick with long-term. Hence, I fall of the wagon again and go right back to where I started. It’s a cycle and I’ve been doing it since I was in college. I gain a few pounds, lose a few pounds, only to gain them back a couple weeks later.

So I guess the real question is: how do you make it stick?

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Mango & Overnight Quinoa Flakes Parfait

Mango & Overnight Quinoa Flakes Parfait - simple, delicious with only 5 minutes of hands on time!

A few weeks ago I got a juicer. Actually it was a gift from my work as a way of saying “Thank You” for taking on some extra responsibility. It’s always nice to have your hard work payoff, and know that people appreciate it.

And I also love the fact that my coworkers know that rather than giving me a small bonus in cash form, I’d so much prefer a juicer :) How awesome is that?

Anyway, now that we have this totally rocking juicer (this is the one I have and I LOVE it), we’ve been juicing every morning. I assumed that our grocery bill was going to skyrocket now that we’ve been eating a lot more organic produce, but it actually hasn’t. Thank goodness for Trader Joe’s!

Since we are making sure to use only organic produce, I wanted to be sure we were getting the most out of juices as possible. I did some reading about the best way to juice and how you should drink it so that you get the maximum nutritional benefits, and I’ve found three interesting things:

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